Hedy reviews “Eco Barons”

“Eco Barons: The New Heroes of Environmental Activism” by Edward Humes  363.7 HU

I was happy to read that there is a generation of men and women who “have quietly dedicated their lives and fortunes to saving the planet from ecological destruction….  [This book offers] proof that a single person’s determination and vision can effect monumental change.”  The title “Eco Barons” is reminiscent of  “Robber Barons” which doesn’t have a particularly good connotation.  The Eco Barons, like the Robber Barons, are very rich and they like being that way, but they spend their money differently.  For example, they like to buy up land and give it to states or countries to be used as state or national parks.  The disturbing thing is that gift is resented.  In fact, in some places clearcutting a forest is deemed preferable to preserving it.

Some of my favorite life stories were those of Doug Tompkins, founder of the clothing company Esprit; Roxanne Quimby,  founder of the cosmetics company Burt’s Bees, Terry Tamminen, the “turtle lady”, Robert Edward Turner III (Ted Turner) of CNN fame, and Andy Frank who invented a workable electric car decades ago.  There are many other fascinating entrepreneurs whose stories are told in this book.  Let them inspire you, so you can say, as Ted Turner famously did, “I don’t give till it hurts.  I give till it feels good.”

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