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“Undercurrents” by Ridley Pearson LARGE PRINT FIC PEAR

I had the great pleasure to attend a live interview with the suspense fiction author Jeff Abbott interviewing Ridley Pearson at a conference in St. Louis a couple of years ago.  I was impressed with Pearson’s oral storytelling ability and bet that his written storytelling was just as good.  I recently read the first in his police detective Lou Boldt series, “Undercurrents”.  In St. Louis, I had learned that information found in this book had been the catalyst used to solve three real-life crimes.   And like his character Lou Boldt, Pearson has a hankering to be a jazz pianist.

The title refers to undercurrents in relationships but more concretely to undercurrents in Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest.  If a body is dumped in a certain spot, where is it most likely to show up and how long will it take?  If a body is found, where is the most likely spot that it originated from?  Other  intriguing aspects were forensic medicine and the use of a police psychologist who defined the differences between psychotics, psychopaths, and sociopaths.  Scary stuff!  The reader should keep in mind that this book was written in 1988.  A lot has happened in forensic science since then.

Pearson’s other adult series features Sheriff Walt Fleming in Sun Valley, Idaho.   It is a little less dark than the Lou Boldt series, but just as thrilling, I”m told.  To highlight Pearson’s versatility, he’s also the author of the Kingdom Keepers series (YA SF/FAN PEAR) which takes place in Disney World and features holograms as park tour guides.  With humorist Dave Barry, he writes the Peter and the Starcatchers series (JFIC BARR) which illuminates the legend of Peter Pan and is now a play on Broadway.  Astronaut Cady Coleman read this book aloud to her son via Skype.  She was at the International Space Station and he was in Austin, Texas.  She phoned Ridley Pearson while he was eating dinner with his family to tell him how much she and her son were enjoying the book.  Imagine what his family thought when he exclaimed, “Be quiet, everyone!  This call’s from outer space!!”

Pearson’s official homepage is www.ridleypearson.com

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