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Current Events: the facts at your finger tips!

By Maria Levetzow

So many issues these days are complex and multi-faceted.  We’re looking for multiple explanations and various sides of an issue.  The Library has you covered for that!  Databases like EBSCOhost, Opposing Viewpoints and Proquest Global Newstream give you access with your Bettendorf Library card to newspapers, magazines and other sources to help you discover all the information you need to construct informed opinions.

EBSCOhost lets you find full-text magazine and periodical articles on a broad range of subjects.  Opposing Viewpoints offers informed, differing views to help us develop critical thinking skills and draw our own, well-informed opinions.  And ProQuest Global Newstreams provides access to the most influential and respected contemporary news resources from around the globe.

All of these resources (and many more!) are available at  Log in with your Bettendorf Library card, and the facts are at your fingertips.