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It Just Takes Practice, Again and Again and Again!

By Library Staff

I Do Not Like Books Anymore! by Daisy Hirst

from the publisher:

"Natalie cannot wait to learn to read since she will have all the stories in the world whenever she wants them, but Natalie becomes frustrated by her first attempts at reading until she and her brother Alphonse find a solution."

Siblings Natalie and Alphonse have become heavily invested in the prospect of Natalie learning how to read. Both already avidly consume and make stories. For Natalie, reading independently means having "all the stories in the world, whenever I want them" (she enviously eyes subway riders with reading material), while Alphonse looks forward to sharing the bounty as Natalie's readaloud audience. But even with help from her teacher, Natalie struggles ("The words looked like prickles or birds' feet"), and what she can read is a big snooze ("The book was about a cat. The cat could sit"). She's ready to chuck it all when a remark from Alphonse (whose matter-of-factness makes him a terrific counterpart) opens a pathway back into narrative and print.

This children's book shows how listening to wonderful stories told by their mother, father, or grandparent can be wonderful to listen to, but having to start reading with a beginning reader is a whole lot different (boring!).  You may struggle with reading at first, be steadfast and you will have the whole world at your fingertips!

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