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Learn True Facts from a Fun Non-Fiction Picture Book

By Library Staff

Sally reviews The Boo-Boos That Changed the World : a true story about an accidental invention (really!) by Barry Wittenstein.

"Earle Dickson and his new bride Josephine begin their lives together. The end. (Not really. There's more.) Josephine has a proclivity for injuring herself. Earle attaches cotton to long strips of adhesive tape, telling Josephine to cut off a length when she needs one. Since Earle works as a cotton buyer at Johnson & Johnson, he shares his idea. They're a big hit. The end. (Again, not really!) After a few false starts (much like the hilarious "the end"s in this story), the Band-Aid is developed and becomes a massive hit. The end. (Really.)"


This book is a great story about a true event that changed the lives of many people.  The author made it fun to read. I recommend it to four- or five-year-olds.