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When Sherlock is not enough

By Maria Levetzow

If you can't get enough of Sherlock Holmes, maybe check out his brother!  Arthur Conan Doyle was clear that Mycroft was just as smart, if not smarter, than Sherlock.  Now you can judge for yourself with this series from Kareen Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse that fills in Mycroft's history.


Mycroft Holmes : a novel / Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse.

When his fiancée abruptly departs for Trinidad after hearing disturbing news, Mycroft Holmes and his best friend Cyrus Douglas follow and find themselves drawn in to a treacherous investigation.

Mycroft and Sherlock : a novel / Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse.

Rising War Office star Mycroft Holmes persuades his brother, Sherlock, to volunteer at a friend's orphanage, where the suspicious death of a street urchin and a mysterious Chinese woman lead the brothers into the London opium trade's dark underside.


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