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You Go, Girl! : DeeAnn reviews Girls Can Do Anything

By Library Staff

Girls Can Do Anything; Written by Carly Hart, Illustrated by Ali Pye

"Rhyming text and vibrant illustrations celebrate the uniqueness of girls, from the endless variety in their physical attributes to the various activities they enjoy to the many remarkable things they can achieve."


This book shows girls of various skin tones, clothing styles, and abilities doing different kinds of jobs and careers. It presents many possibilities and activities that girls do. Girls are presented as they play sports, and explore art, music, and science. 

The catchy and empowering phrase "I'm a GIRL! I'm FANTASTIC! I'm strong, brave and proud!" is effectively repeated throughout the story.

The inside front covers are illustrations of possible career choices, and the inside back covers are illustrations of famous women with their name, title, and accomplishment.