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Thank you to all who supported the Bettendorf Public Library Foundation in 2014-2015!

Business and Corporate Sponsors

Amazon Smile Foundation
Ascentra Credit Union
Audiology Consultants, P.C.
Bass Street Chop House
Better World Books
Birdies for Charity
Bowe Machine Company
Community Foundation Great River Bend
Doyle & Keenan, P.C.,  Nick Nauman
Duck Creek Tire & Svc Inc
EScrip - Schnuck's

Eye Surgeons Associates
Fountains Assisted Living QC
Friemel Construction Company
Greenspace Associates, Inc.
Group O
Lindquist Ford
Lujack's NorthPark Auto Plaza
McCarthy Bush Foundation
Mel Foster Company
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC,  Nate Stroffregen
Paragon Commercial Interiors, Inc.
Quad City Bank & Trust

Rapid Reads/Baker & Taylor
Ruhl & Ruhl Realtors
Scott County Regional Authority
State Street Interiors
Terrostar Technology Solutions LLC
TMI Total Maintenance Inc
Triumph Community Bank
US Bank
Von Maur Center
Weerts Funeral Home


Connie Allen
Rosalind Andersen
Cindy and Rich Anderson
Marilyn and Dean Arney
Sue and Kenneth Asay
Denise and Bart Baker
Joan and Glenn Baker
James Baker
Nancy Ballenger
Margaret Ballinger
David Banfield
Caroline and Jack Barnes
Andria Barr
Gina and William Barrett
Lynn Batcher
Joyce and Bob Bateman
Caroline and Mike Bawden
Rita and Mark Bawden
Gregory Beck
Linda and Ken Beck
Dawn and Wally Beck
Joan Behrens
Mary Behrens
Judy and William Benevento
Karen and Doug Berneking
Lois Bienlien
Paddy and John Blackman
Jeff Bloom
Katherine and Michael Boehm
Carole and Richard Bondi
Rupa and Prakash Bontu
Barbara Bordwell
Elzbieta and Bruce Borne
Marty Bowels-Edwards and Andy Edwards
Carrie and Jerry Bowman
Kathleen and Alex Brandtner
Christina and Myron Bries
Jeanne Brooks
Nita and Mike Brooks
Darvi Brown
Elaine and Roger Brown
Janet A. Brown-Lowe
Joyce and Joe Buechel
Pamela Bulat
Julie Burger
Christopher K. Burns
Janet and James Bush
Duncan J. Cameron
Shar and Steve Campbell
Michael Carl
Robert Carlson
Jamie and Matthew Christophersen
Becky and Mark Christy
Teresa and Frank Clark
Lenore Clark
Hannelore and Frank Claudy
Barb and Chuck Cline
Faye Clow Estate
Linda and Harry Cockrell
Charles Collins
Marcia and Ralph Congdon
Maureen and Tim Conrad
Sherry Consentine
Diana and James Cook
Meghan and Luke Cooley
Margie and Steve Cooper
Sharon and Richard Corken
Kathleen Corrigan
Clare  Crawford
Dorothy Crosby
Christine Dahl
Deborah and David Dahlby
Michele Dane
Kathy and Craig DeBo
Connie and Don Decker
Mary and Larry Decker
Jenee and Dave Dettmann
Margy and Bill Dobbelaere
Leonard Dose
Florence Doty
Maureen and Nathan Durick
Susan and Robert Eby
Beverly Eckert
Betty Edenson
Marilyn and Vernon Egland
Rosemary and Garry Eichorn
Sharon Elliott
Dorothy Ellis
Kathy Emorey and Steven Anderson
Linda and David Emrick
Mary Ann Engel
Kristin W. Ensign
Siv Brit Saetre and James Entwistle
Thomas E. Erikson
Joan and Richard Evans
Caroline and Chad Everitt
Janet and Wallace Fairfield
Catherine and Paul Farrell
Regina Feldman-Goldstein
Jane and George Fergades
Rob and Dale Fick
Ryan Fick
Jayne and Jim Field
Vickie and Jerry Finley
Karen and Patrick Flaherty
Jacquelin Fletcher
Mary Jo and Robert Francione
Ardith and Martin Frandsen
Nancy and Alan Frankel
Nina Frankel
Judy and Gregory Gackle
Julie and Perry Gere
Barbara Geske
Sally and Glen Gierke
Kelly and Grey Giovanine
Mary Giovanine
Elizabeth Glynn
Nancy and Andrew Goodman
Anne and Sean Goodman
Missy and Greg Gowey
Elsie Griffith
Tamara and James Guest
Mary and William Haas
Allen J. Hale
Phyllis Hallene
Carolyn Hamilton
Julie and Steve Hamilton
Joyce Hammes
Janna and Mark Hann
Mary and Richard Hanson
Alice Harris
Christin and David Hartsuch
Jeff Hassel
Maryellen and Lynn Hawbaker
Lyla and Harry Healey
Connie Heckert
Julianne Heilman
Patricia and Jon Heintzelman
Joan and Randy Hengst
Tammy and Mark Hermanson
Marie and Jack Hermie
Patty and Jeff Herzberg
Sid Herzberg
Ann and Dave Hodges
Judith Hoenk
Edith and Josef Hofmann
Norma and Richard Hofmann
Eda and William Hofmann
Jean N. Holloway
Mary and William Horak
Charles Horan
Mary and Scot Hoscheid
Joan Hovey
Tina and Dave Howell
Marjorie Hult
Hedy and Michael Hustedde
Ann Hutchinson
Joseph I. Hutter
Laurie Inghram
Carolyn and Jim Larsen
Deanna and Richard James
JoAnn Jay
Bettie Johnson
Marian and Eric Johnson
Barbara and Michael Johnson
Shirley Johnson
Vonda Johnston
Carolyn and Donald Judge
Marcia and Keith Judickas
Carol and Dennis Kaalberg
Terri and Stan Kabat
Ann and Jim Kappeler
Ann and Greg Kautz
Jodie Kavensky
James Kay
Edwina Keim
Mary and Bill Kellenberger
Donna and Vincent Kelly
Jenny Kimball
Marge Kimmel
Marjorie Kinsler
Pam and Drew Kistner
Barbara J. Korbelik
Caron and Jeffrey Kraft
Sheryl Kress
Claire Smick and John Kuhn
Elizabeth and Frank Kulas
Linda and Brian Kunkel
Norma Kurth
Donna and Charles Kuykendall
Patricia and Michael Laas
Susan and Roger Laimans
Margaret and John Lamarche
Sally Lambert
Connie Lampe-Voelliger
Ann and Marshall Lawson
Pat Lehner
Marilyn and George Leonard
Evangeline Lewis
Alisa and Darrin Lindquist
Sherry and Robert Lindsay
Ashley and Doug Lindstrom
Lora and Jeffrey Lockwood
Kentley Loewenstein
Ann and Joseph Lohmuller
Rona and Carl Loweth
Rita Lowry
Curtis Lundy
Helen and Geoff Macalister
Denise and Mike Mack
Susan Mackin
Mary Mahar
Molly and Steven Maher
Carolyn and Larry Makoben
Claire Manata
Janette and Dick Manion
Jeralee and James Mannhardt
Sue Mannix
Carolyn and Joseph Martin
Marita Massie
Bobette Mattes
Cindie and Larry McCallum
Joan McCarthy
Diane and Michael McCool
Lisa and Jeff McCraw
Jennifer and Jeffrey McDaniel
David McEchron
Joan and Bob McGee
Megan and Matthew McKay
Jane and Richard McMurray
Margaret and Richard McNamara
Doris Melchert
Joanne Michaelson
James Michel
Adele and Kenneth Mikesell
Catherine and Kenneth Miller
Carmen Minor
Janene and Alex Misak
Bonnie and Jerry Moeller
Evelyn Moeller
JoAnne Moeller
Karen and Peter Moldt
Lisa and Marco
Barbara and Thomas Montgomery
Ann and Anthony Morales
Patricia Morrison
Chris and Ed Motto
Denise and Ronald Mueller
Richard Mull
Sally and Richard Muller
Bernadette Murphy
Martha Neal
Anji and Matt Neil
Anne and Gordon Ney
Emily Nickles
Amy and Ron Nimmer
Stephanie and Neil Norton
Elisabeth and Samuel Norwood
Rosemary and Richard Ocar
Vickie and Gary Olson
Mrs. Ottesen and Reverend Ottesen
Penny and Glenn Overbaugh
Robert Park
Maureen and John Paul
Joyce Paustian
Ann and Jim Payne
Marsha and Don Pedersen
Barbara and Charles Pekios
Sunita and Ashok Penmatcha
Marjorie Pentland
Teresa and Glen Perkins
Susan B. Perry and Stan Goodyear
Mary Lou Petersen
Rosemary and James Peterson
Eloise and Theodore Pfeiff
Mary Phares
Sharon and David Phillips
Mel Piff
Veronica and Ronald Plante
Estelle Polchow
Katherine and Curtis Poor
Barbara and William Post
Shirlee and Leroy Potter
Paula and David Pratt
Gloria and Dale Preston
Victoria and Jeffrey Preston
Alta Price
Janet and John Quinn
Ann and Richard Quist
Barbara Reardon
Catherine Regan
Carole and Jerome Reid
Joan and Ron Reinders
Rebecca Reiter
Marcy and Dick Rodenbeck
Rita and Mark Rosauer
Colleen and Michael Rosberg
Diane and David Rosenberg
Vierlyn and Jerald Roskens
Charlene and Domenic Ruccolo
Jacqueline and Donald Ruggles
Kay Runge
Karla and Carl Rushek
Veronica and Douglas Ryan
Judith Ryan
Beverly Salkeld
Teri and Scott Sandeman
Douglas Schara
Betty Scherer
Martha and Timothy Schermer
Jane Schiltz
Kay and Merle Schleusener
Roselyn and Kurt Schmeltzer
Carol and Paul Schnyder
Debora Schoelerman and Paul Pomrehn
Thomas Schoelerman
Ronald Schorg
Kathy and Kendall Schuett
Margie and Rex Schwaninger
Ann and Phillip Schwister
Julie and David Scott
Sue and George Seaberg
Carol Seitz
Leanne and Frank Shaw
John Shenk
Joan Sherman
Shawna and Michael Shields
Pat and Don Sierk
Tammy and Ajay Singh
Beverly Sinning
Barbara Skjei
Laurie and Nathan Skjerseth
Eloise and Jack Smit
Thiara Smith
Robert Smythe
Patti and Steve Sorensen
Deborah and Hugh Stafford
Nancy and Bob Stamm
Mary and John Stavnes
Beth Stearns
Janet Stensrud
Ann Stern
Emilie Stichnoth
Tawny and Nathan Stoffregen
Barbara Stolley
Jeanne and James Stopulos
Charlotte and Tom Streeter
Renee Strief
Gala Sunderbruch
Linda and Jim Tank
Terri Lischer
Juanita and Robert Thomasson
Tinsman Families
Sally Anne Toensfeldt
Ann and Carleton Toole
Ruby and Mike Triplett
Tuesday Club
Maria and Benjamin Van Raalte
Deborah VanSpeyBroeck
Richard Vermeer
Joann and Richard Vesole
Jane and George Vieth
Dorothy Votroubek
Archana and Nikhil Wagle
Carol and Lawrence Wagner
Jean and Mark Wakeland
Loraine and Michael Wallace
Joan and Patrick Walseth
Barbara and Charles Wardell
Kim and Bob Waterman
Catherine Waterman
Faye and Dana Waterman
Maria and Thomas Waterman
Carolyn and Travis Watters
Carol and Marvin Webb
Mary and Michael Wegner
Marianne and Eugene Weis
Amelia and Doug Wells
Richard Werner
June Wiese
Robert I. Wild
Dana and Mark Wilkinson
Sandra and Robert Wilson
Jan and Craig Windmiller
Jo Ellen and Dennis Winegar
Marilyn and Steve Wing
Nancy and Gregory Witt
Sue Witte
Joni and Paul Wolf
Jeanne and Rand Wonio
Rita and Bob Woodham
Kristina and Ryan Yoder
Suzanne and Stanford Yoder
Christine and Robert Yoerger
Joan and Thomas Young
Laura and Mark Zimmerman
Dena Gopleerud and D Zisko


Thank you to the many individuals, businesses, grantors, sponsors and in-kind contributors who made an investment into the success of the Bettendorf Public Library Foundation's mission of raising money to support, enhance and preserve Bettendorf Public Library programs and services.

The Bettendorf Public Library Foundation is a 501(c) 3 organization founded in 1983 to seek private sector support for maintaining the excellence of programs and services offered by the Bettendorf Public Library.

While tax dollars allow the library to buy materials and keep the building open, it is only through private gifts that innovative new programs and services to meet the community's changing needs can be developed and implemented.

We thank our many donors and sponsors.