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The Foundation 50 is comprised of community members committed to assisting the Bettendorf Public Library and Bettendorf Public Library Foundation. They care not only about maintaining excellence in library programs and services, but in meeting tomorrow's challenges as well. The Foundation 50 is filling a critical need right here in our community.

Your estate gift to Bettendorf Library serves as your admission to the Foundation 50. Bequests, charitable trusts, gifts of life insurance, and gift annuities are options available for membership. The amount of the gift is entirely up to you.

Foundation 50 members have a common dream-that their children and their children's children will have access to the same superior public library programs and services they did. That dream moves closer to reality with every new member.

We all want the best public library possible for our families, friends and community. Foundation resources help the Bettendorf Public Library stay financially strong. 

For more information on Foundation 50 and how you can become a member with benefits, contact the Foundation.