Teens Top Teen

October 20th, 2014

Here are the Teens Top Ten! So if you are looking for  a great read then pick one of these; chosen by teens for teens!

Here were the entire nominees for even more book suggestions!

Buzz Kill

June 30th, 2014

Buzz Kill by Beth Fantaskey

Millie works for her school newspaper and has a fierce rivalry with the student editor, Viv, who is also the head cheerleader. Viv orders Millie to write a piece about how the school may be making students and teachers sick since it was built upon an old refuse heap. Millie knows that what Viv really wants is for Millie to have to portray the city mayor, who is also Millie’s father, in a negative light since he was the one who pushed for a new school building at it’s current location.

Millie tries to undermine Viv by dragging her feet on the story. Once she finally gets around to actually investigating she discovers something horrific; the dead body of her school’s football team.

Now she is faced with the ultimate investigation: a murder. But it won’t be easy. Viv and Millie cannot get over their competitiveness to work together, and Millie is sure that Viv will try to somehow destroy her Dad’s reputation. Just because he is the assistant coach to the football team and argued with the deceased regularly doesn’t make him a killer, right?

Millie also has an unlikely ally in her investigation, the football team’s star quarterback, Chase. He is incredibly handsome but also distant and quiet. Can Millie break through his icy exterior while not falling for him? Can she exonerate her dad? Will she one up her nemesis Viv once again?

Buzz Kill is a witty new mystery that is perfect for a quick summer read. While the plot can feel drawn out at times the character of Millie is engaging and unique enough to get you through the slow parts. So if you like mystery, or enjoy zany characters be sure to pick up Buzz Kill. And although the characters all in high school the author goes out of her way to make a very clean book, so it is appropriate for ages 14 and up.

Amy Reviews The Devil’s Arithmetic

June 23rd, 2014

The Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen

Jane Yolan took a very deep perspective into her story About Hannah Stern. An ordinary Jewish girl, who just so happens to hate Passover. When welcoming Elijah, a traditional Jewish custom. She is transported back to the holocaust. Where she is no longer Hanna, but Chaya. A girl who is staying with her uncle and aunt, after her parents died of an illness. While going to her uncle’s wedding Nazis are there to greet them. Taking her entire village to a concentration camp. Many people die due to the Nazi’s harsh and cruel ways. Hannah befriends a girl named Rivka, who shows her the “rules” of the camp. Including never saying words like stole or dead. Hannah spends months here. And it’s not until the idea of a prison break things get interesting. Let’s just say… it failed. Causing the death of her uncle and many more from her village. Finally, one day Hannah, Rivka, and two other friends are working. When a Nazi comes up and selects them to be part of the “choosing” another name for being selected to go into the gas chambers. Hannah, is the only one who wasn’t chosen. In the end, she sacrifices her life and gives it to Rivka, her best friend. Upon entering the gas chamber she is transported back to the Passover feast with her family. When she takes a seat next to her aunt she notices her prison I.D, knowing that she had been a part of the holocaust, but not exactly knowing what the numbers on her arm were. She takes a closer look, and realizes she was Rivka, and by sacrificing her life she saved to one of her aunt.

Jane uses more detail than I did, of course. This book really hits the heart. Though I wouldn’t recommend a grade level of reading this lower than 5th grade. I was a 6th grader when I read it and some of the things were hard to understand. This book is a fantastic book, but not about a fantastic topic.