The Fault In Our Stars Movie Trailer

February 1st, 2014

What do you think? Will this be as good as the novel?

Wrestlemania Reading Challenge

January 28th, 2014

Wrestlemania Reading ChallengeBECOME A READING SUPERSTAR!

Are you ready to become a reading superstar? We Give Books, WWE and the Young Adult Library Services Association have teamed up to bring you the WrestleMania Reading Challenge. Take part by reading a book or writing an essay about your favorite book to earn a chance to win a trip to WrestleMania 30 and a chance to meet a WWE Superstar! There are also awesome prizes like book grants for schools and libraries.


The WrestleMania Reading Challenge is an annual online reading and writing contest designed to encourage kids to read and help to build a lifelong love of reading. Beginning in January and running through February, students, ages 4-18, can participate at Children ages 4-12, along with their teachers, parents, and caregivers, can read books online for free and virtually connect with WWE Superstar Reading Buddies. Students ages 13-18 are encouraged by WWE Superstars to read a book and submit an essay about why they love to read. Both age groups are eligible to win great prizes.



Students age 4 to 12, along with an adult such as a teacher, parent, or caregiver, can take part in a few simple steps!

1. Enter your birthdate to access the challenge.
2. Select a WWE Superstar Reading Buddy.
3. Start reading!
4. Enter your parent’s email address when you reach the end of the book. Your parent will receive an email from us and will need to confirm your official entry.

If you are a student age 13-18, the steps are similar.

1. Enter your birthdate to access the challenge.
2. Select a WWE Superstar Pen Pal.
3. Read a book!
4. Write an essay about your favorite book and convince your Pen Pal to read it too!
5. Submit your final essay and enter your email address to complete your entry.

Visit WWW.WWEREADINGSUPERSTAR.COM to learn more and participate in the 2014 WRESTLEMANIA READING CHALLENGE today!

I Have A Dream…

January 20th, 2014

Teens! Take a moment to remember why you are out of school today :) :

Adding up infinity

January 16th, 2014

This makes me feel like Arthur Dent pondering the number 42. Check out Numberphile for more cool videos.

Boxers & Saints

December 31st, 2013

Boxers & Saints by Gene Luen Yang

This two volume graphic novel tells the story of the Boxer Rebellion. In Boxers a young boy, Little Bao, watches as his village is ravaged by foreigners, his gods disrespected, and his country splitting in two. He decides to join the rebellion. He learns king-fu, leads men into battle and must make tough choices in order to rid his country of the foreigners and their Christianity. But how far is Bao willing to go? How much blood needs to be shed before his country can be freed?

In Saints a young girl who has no name other than Four-Girl (because she is fourth born) lives a harsh existence with a family that ignores her. She begins to visit a Chinese converts to Christianity and finds acceptance for the first time in her life. Eventually she chooses to be baptized and chooses a new name, Vibiana. Soon she is taking care of orphans and Christian missionaries who have survived the slaughters by the Chinese, like Little Bao, who want to preserve the traditional China they have always known.

Vibiana and Bao’s fates are intertwined. Each of them tell their own side of this historic tale of imperialism and intolerance. Reccommended for all, and appropriate for ages 12 and up.