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Thunderbowl: A Review by Amy

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

thunderbowlThunderbowl by Lesley Choyce
3 Stars

Jeremy loves to play guitar, he is amazing too. when Jeremy’s father buys him his first guitar, he improves and joins Thunderbowl, a rough housing, awkward, amazing band. Although only sixteen, he lies about his age and is booked to play in a bar. When his grades tailspin, Jeremy’s parents urge him to quit but his is the backbone of the band, how could he? Ignoring his parents he takes education into his own hands and quits school altogether. Without warning his parents he leaves and lives with a band member in his apartment. When a rival band starts a fight and causes a ruckus the bar owner is forced to quit. Jeremy, after living off of peanut butter and jelly and no income for weeks, he decides to head back to his parents house and explain the situation. To Jeremy’s surprise, his parents are disappointed but not furious with his actions. The couple give him some options a and b, instead of sticking to the status quo, he chooses option c…the option Jeremy created for himself. Will Jeremy ever get his life back on track? Will he ever face his fears and return to high school? Will he turn out to be the drunk with the mean guitar skills but no hope of a REAL job? to find out the answers to these questions read the book Thunderbowl by Lesley Choyce….

Overall this book was an easy read and held my interest….but it was not the best book I have ever read. I would give this book three out of five stars