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Youth Special Performers

Calendar of Events

Mr. Taylor Sings!

Imagine Your Story with Mr. Taylor Sings! virtual concert. Mr. Taylor Sings! brings more than just musical fun to children. With 8 years’ experience in the classroom as a special educator, Emerson Taylor uses music to inspire his audiences towards curiosity driven learning by encouraging them to engage with good books and good friends to discover more about the world around them. This is Mr. Taylor’s performance for the 2020 Summer Reading Program for the Bettendorf Public Library. Click here for access.

Mr. Taylor Sings!

Absolute Science: Fire and Ice Reaction Show

You'll see Fire light up in different beautiful colors. You'll see the freezing magic of Liquid Nitrogen. You'll even learn how to make Smoke appear like a genie out of a bottle in this amazing show about chemical reactions! Click here to access.

Fire and Ice Reaction Show

Absolute Science: Fantastic Foam Show

You'll watch the invisible become visible, see our hair-raising VanDeGraf Generator, and learn the chemical secret of our fabulous Fantastic Foam in the super special scien-tastic show! Click here to access.

Fantastic Foam Show

Absolute Science: Mega Levitator Show

In this show you'll learn about Magnetism, Chemical Reactions and EXPLOSIONS!! See the tremendously expensive and wonderfully uplifting MEGA LEVITATOR!! Click here to access.

Mega Levitator Show

Absolute Science: Big Bang Bubbles Show

It's a celebration of beautiful breathtaking Bubbles! Big bubbles, little bubbles, smoke bubbles, helium bubbles - BIG BANG BUBBLES!!! Click here to access.

Big Bang Bubbles

Absolute Science: Bigger Bang Bubbles

If you liked Absolute Science's "Big Bang Bubbles" Show, you'll LOVE "Bigger Bang Bubbles"! It has smoke bubble, helium bubbles, fire bubbles and more only BIGGER! Click here to access.

Bigger Bang Bubbles

Absolute Science: Laser Show

Pink Ink, Singing Pipes, Fire Waterfalls, Chemical Reactions and our Class 4 High Powered Burning LASER are all waiting for you in this Spectacular Science Show! Click here to access.

Absolute Science: Laser Show

Kalyleigh Rogers Magician

Meet 9 year old, Kayleigh Rogers - Iowa's Youngest Magician! She'll thrill you with magic rabbits, helmets and balls, swords, flowers and MORE! Click here to access.

Kayleigh Rogers Magician

Rick Eugene Magician

Magician Rick Eugene will confound and astound you with cards, coins, ropes, mind reading and more! Click here to access.

Rick Eugene Magician

Rick Eugene Magician: Short Show #1

Magician Rick Eugene will entertain you with classic tricks like cups and balls, ropes, coins and magic coloring books. You'll even learn how some of the tricks are done! Click here to access.

Rick Eugene Short Show 1

Rick Eugene Magician: Short Show #2

The fun continues with Magician Rick Eugene showing you ropes, cards, and coins. Rick will teach you how to perform some of these simple magic tricks for yourself to Amaze Your Friends! Click here to access.

Rick Eugene Magician Show 2

Steve 'n TV's: The Amazing You and Your Body

Steve and his pal, TV, take you on an entertaining trip through the most mysterious and magical place anywhere - your own Human BODY!!! Click here to access.

You and Your Body Show

Steve 'n TV's: Incredible Optical Illusions Show

Steve Couch and his computer animated friend, TV, have collected more than 50 of the most astonishing optical illusions ever created. There will be moving physical displays and video images that will astound and delight you. You will learn how your eyes work and how the illusions trick you. You will play games to test your eyesight and concentration. Click here for access.

Optical Illusions Show

Steve 'n TV's: Robot Dance Party!

Steve and his computer animated friend, TV will joke, sing, laugh and play in this live performance video. Robots will walk. Robots will talk. Robots will sing and dance and make your whole family smile in this Celebration of Imagination! Click here for access.

Robot Dance Party